Paramedic Certification

Every medical and healthcare profession is rewarded according to the variation that can be achieved and found within each level of knowledge. To become a paramedic, it is essential to know how much education you are required to achieve in order to be allowed to practice on this medical emergency field. A key factor among other requirements for being successful and learning this profession is the experience that is obtained during the hours of training in different medical facilities.

As a paramedic, you’ll be responsible of other lives and not only. A paramedic is the health care professional provider who has a high level of emergency education, enabling him to bring patients closer to life. In every situation, a life depends on the reactions and solutions that a paramedic brings. To become a good paramedic, you’ll have to be armed with physical and mental abilities to solve emergencies. The strength is another factor, because in this branch you’ll be required to do a lot of lifting, bending and kneeling.

The situations that can appear might emotionally affect patients, so in a car accident or any other injuries or wounds, a paramedic has to deeply understand the emotional part by showing compassion towards the necessities and emotions of the patient and his family. Listening is another important element, because it is a lot easier to understand details, when you listen to the extent of a patient’s injuries.

The communication with your medical team members leads to a proper management of the whole situation and on the other hand, when you explain clearly the procedures to your patients, you’ll give them the communication part that will ultimately be able to calm them down.

Not all the solutions to a problem are so obvious, so an extra point is very important when you’ve discovered and you were trained in this. All paramedics can freely practice as long as they have a license or a certification that is required in all the states. And also, according to each state, some paramedics are required to pass a state exam.

To obtain a paramedic certification, first you’ll have to enroll after graduating and receiving a high school diploma in one of the offline or online paramedic programs. As a student you’ll learn how to respond to emergency calls, to perform first-respondent medical care. Every program varies in length and can last between 7 and 17 months, and can be held at post-secondary schools like community colleges or medical institutions that communicate with an academic institution.

After receiving the high school diploma or its equivalent, if your future choice is linked to the field of paramedics, you can enroll to complete the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) training at the basic levels and hold the National Registry EMT (NREMT) exam certification. The minimum amount of practical experience is also required in these programs and before applying, a background check is made to see if as a candidate, your record is clean.Physical exams and drug screenings are also parts of the tests.

The course topics that can be found in a paramedic certificate program can comprise with traditional classroom instruction, including classes like human anatomy, airway control, pharmacology, advanced life support, trauma emergency laboratory practice and clinical experience.

To earn the NREMT paramedic certification, the candidate has to be 18 years old, to possess the current basic level of NREMT certification or state certification, to complete an accredited training program and have a current professional-level of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certification.

The online paramedic certification program has a reduced period of time and in length, it can last up to one year. This intensive year-long program consists of 645 hours of lectures, case studies, laboratory and practical skill sessions.

Also, the clinical education is required so an amount of 505-605 extra hours can be added in the areas of hospitals and the out-of-hospital environments, where the students combine the theoretical part with the practical part.

The written and the practical testing include topics like: Cardiology, Fundamentals of Paramedicine, Airway management and ventilation, Anatomy, Physiology and so on. Certifications are included in the training program, such as the ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider Course) or the PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support). After completing the training program, students are eligible to sustain the National Registry Paramedic examination.

Some additional costs can be found in association with the Paramedic programs that vary.For example, the textbooks: some programs require that you buy some of the books that are necessary, the tuition, the uniform, Health Insurance, Immunizations for Health Science Students and so on.

The future outlook, when it comes to the employment of paramedics, has achieved a growth in percentage of 10%, due to the fact that a growth rate installed among the emergency calls from the elderly population. Another influencing factor is the existence of the overcrowding hospitals that require paramedics to stay with the patients.

An average of the salary, when you have the paramedic certification, is higher than the salary if you only have the inferior levels of EMTs. Before becoming a paramedic, you’ll have to pass three more levels that include: E.M.R (Emergency Medical Responder), EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) known as the basic level and A.E.M.T (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician), known as Intermediate.

The paramedic certification is rewarded based on the level of education achieved and the experience gained.The median annual average of the salary for a paramedic can be situated at $34,560. But the best salary is obtained in areas like San Francisco, and Anchorage, where it can reach $54,600 and even more according to the paramedic salary statistics.

With so many patients and not too much competence, it’s quite easy to obtain your paramedic certification, thus enabling you to become certified and get the salaries you deserve to get. Also, even if there are a lot of new paramedics, the market always demands more, since the population is increasing, the number of accidents is also increasing and there are always emergency situations.