What is the Salary of a Paramedic

When it comes to emergencies you always expect the best and most professional healthcare practitioners to come into your rescue. The help that you get in any difficult procedures can decide your fate and can increase or decrease your chances for life. In emergencies cases such as accidents, plane crashes and many more, there is and will always be a struggle between life and death, this of course depending on the gravity of the situation.

A paramedic is the person who generally responds to the emergency 911 calls, being first at the scene of the accident or any other event. Prior to the hospital admission the paramedic is responsible on the work field to provide the patients with the necessary treatment and to assert his condition. The usual treatment might include the paramedic’s duty to resuscitate and stabilize the patient, to administer different drugs, oxygen or intravenous drips, to use high tech equipment such as a defibrillator or ventilator. A paramedic should learn and know how to intubate a person, how to treat his or her wounds and so on.

Other responsibilities that are in the charge of a paramedic are comprised of driving an ambulance, finding the nearest location to transport the patients and to assist them to hospitals or other health care centers, to talk with the members of the family that are present at the scene of the event or with the public that many times gathers around that location.

But with all these duties that a paramedic has to perform comes that huge benefit of helping others and once with the assumed responsibilities that are to be found in this job, comes that career opportunity that lies in the salary that one can gain as a paramedic.

The paramedic salary as it is can be estimated at an annual median average that can raise up to $ 52,800 in different regions and states. While considering in the lowest parts of earnings that an area has, a salary can be estimated at $25,300. But with all these according to various locations a paramedic salary can reach up to $42,500 in states like Alaska, this estimation being brought up by a number of factors. More